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Value Printing, Inc. is a BBB Accredited Graphic Designer in Raleigh, NC

About Value Printing

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9:30am - 5:30pm ET Monday to Friday


We offer a variety of stock designs for kitchen exhaust cleaning service stickers that can be printed with full color, full bleed or single color on your choice of stocks. Prices start at just $177 for 500 Full Color Hood stickers. Fast 48 hour print-to-ship on all Spot Color and Full Color Vinyl hood stickers. Vinyl hood sticker prices start at $185 for 500.

Order Full Color Glossy Hood Stickers and we can mail you some temporary water resistent stickers the SAME DAY you pay for your order. Your regular stickers will arrive in about 7 business days.

For those of you in Massachusetts, check out our new page devoted to Certification of Performance stickers approved for use by the MA State Department of Fire Services Code Compliance office and in the City of Boston.

Want to order more than 2000 hood stickers at a time? No problem. Call us for a quote. We are confident you will save at least 10% over what you are paying now.

Also, check out our Business Cards designed to match your Hood Cleaning sticker, our 2-Part Forms for Kitchen Exhaust Service Reports and Sales Proposals and our Post Cards.


As former owners of a kitchen exhaust cleaning company, we know how expensive Hood Service Stickers can be. After selling our kitchen exhaust cleaning business, we started a graphic design and print broker business 3 years ago. We want to prove that prices of at least some supplies do not have to go up.

We are an easy phone call away when you have questions or want to find out if we can match the size and color of your current kitchen exhaust cleaning sticker.

Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 9:30am to 6:30pm EST.


Order one color hood cleaning stickers and it will ship in only 2 business days! Full 4-color process hood cleaning stickers ship in 3 business days!

Most of my customers find they save 25% or more by ordering their kitchen exhaust cleaning service stickers from us.

Why are we able to sell hood cleaning service stickers for less than Office Depot, Kinko's, and other store front printers? By conforming to stock sizes, colors, and papers offered by the largest wholesale offset printers in the country.


Send for samples of our hood cleaning stickers and see for yourself how well they stand up to repeated washing. We offer a variety of water resistent UV coated paper labels, vinyl, and silver or gold foil labels. Note: We only ship to addresses in the USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

Value Printing Team